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Apricot Tours Pakistan


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Apricot Tours (Government Licence: ID-2131) operate in Pakistan. The company?s expertise particularly lies in tours, treks and also expedition assistance in the northern parts of Pakistan. Moreover it is important to mention that the company is equally involved in tourism-related activities throughout Pakistan with the same volume.

Born in northern areas of Pakistan and comprising of a diverse team from young minds to experienced team members, the company understands the strengths, weaknesses and most importantly the potential-for-improvement of tourism industry in Pakistan.

We at Apricot Tours understand the changing travel patterns and importance of plans/itineraries that are compatible with international routes for on-the-go travelers. Our experienced staff is the best in realizing and responding to the needs of our guest for customized plans.

Our security-centered approach towards designing plans and itineraries and providing free consultation on all matters while planning new itineraries makes us different.

Majority of our staff including porters, drivers, tour guides, scouts and event managers belong to different towns and villages of northern areas. Hired on merit and competence, they have a better understanding of tour-cycles, from planning to execution of tours, be it road trips or trekking tours in the mountains.

One of our key priorities is to provide reliable and timely online information. We will not be packing our website with all the information available out there on the internet that most of the time creates confusion but you will receive everything in order. Our dedicated team works on providing latest information, pictures and videos through our website, social media campaigns and through direct communication.